About Us

Our mission is to break down internal limitations. This world is an open door; step through it and live without the boundaries.  If you look at what is only in front of you, you overlook what can be achieved beyond.  As individuals, we should not settle for “easy”, but strive for “greatness”. Think LEGENDary thoughts. Changes in our habits and perceptions are the first steps towards progress without restraint. Live, Love, Laugh!

Visual Manipulation!

Jae Martin produces pieces that are far from the ordinary. Being influenced greatly by the graffiti art style, he incorporates it into his art to show its due respect. Jae completes most of his pieces in one day because he wants to capture what he was feeling at the moment. Using acrylics, sharpie oil markers, and spray paint on canvas and on anything he can get his hands on, Jae also uses his two cities as a major influence on his resourcefulness.

Take the Journey!